No plan is a better plan.

Hitomi’s Rules of Life
2 min readSep 11, 2022


Coco Chanel once said, “Always remove, never add.” That’s true. The spare time created will probably be filled with beauty.

“Why don’t you make an impromptu trip to Tokyo?”

At a Zoom drinking party, due to the pandemic and because she hasn’t been flying for a while. I suggested that to a member of my online community. It is still fresh in our mind that a member from Osaka suddenly came to Tokyo as my driver to go to the Golden Fortune Shrine.

To smash the algorithm, it is more certain to take suggestions from people than to search for something on Google.

A few days later, she decided to take a trip to Tokyo. Her usual pattern was to come to Tokyo for some event but to smash the algorithm, she had declared a “Spare time trip”. And she would test going with the flow and decide what to do after she arrives. What will come into the spare time? She decided to wait.

In the comments section of my blog one day, she wrote: “There are many things I want to ask you.” So I suggested that I would give a Tokyo seminar to her. And more, she seemed to have received invitations to lunch from two other people in my community. It was the first time they had met in real life.

Finally, she came to Tokyo. The one-on-one Tokyo seminar began, and at the beginning, she began to talk about what had happened outside the algorithm.

“I used to come to Tokyo to go somewhere, buy something or see something, but this is the first time I’ve been to Tokyo just to meet people. I thought that was very luxurious. I’m glad I didn’t have a packed schedule. I thought I was starting to get the feeling of going with the flow. I gave up on dessert at lunch, but now it’s served! This is amazing!”

She seems to have found a way of not having to make up her mind, the universe will fill in the gaps, and she doesn’t have to work hard.

I arranged this seminar at short notice because a client was coming to Tokyo, and it took on a new style that was different from the previous ones. Events are usually announced by the host, and start gathering participants more than a month before the event. I used to do the same. However, I thought that approach seemed to be a thing of the past. So the new style is a seminar for people whose spare time resonates with each other. It will no longer be about gathering them. Like jazz, we can enjoy it with the harmonies that can be played now.



Hitomi’s Rules of Life

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