She climbed the “yes ladder.” She ‘what if’ed her way to a new future.

A client had been unconsciously saying “No, no, no”, but when I asked her “What would happen if you tried the erhu? “ My question helped her to imagine the world beyond No, and she started to take erhu lessons. And then, this helped her mother to buy a new erhu with a serial number, and her dream of traveling abroad to perform came true.

One day, the client who had been able to accept things without judging immediately, went to a language learning seminar organized by her friend.

The seminar was a collaboration with a teacher who teaches multilingual learning. The purpose was to go and see her friend, but before she knew it, she had signed up for the seminar with the multilingual teacher.

Then, in the first class of multilingual learning, students had to introduce themselves in a non-native language. Most of the people introduced themselves in English, but the client introduced herself in Chinese. Then, the multilingual teacher asked her, “My intuition tells me you can do it, why don’t you teach Chinese? “

In a past session with me, I asked her “Since you speak Chinese, why don’t you teach Chinese? ” And she said immediately, “No, no, no, no. My grammar is not good enough. “ But this time, she was so happy to hear what the teacher said because it was from a professional teacher’s suggestion so she immediately replied, “I would love to if I had the chance”!

The next year, the client started to teach Chinese free of charge as a first step, in a community of multilingual teachers. The theme of each session with me changed to “how to organize a class”. She also quit her job, and before she knew it, she has arrived in an unexpected future.

Saying yes starts a chain-reaction, that takes you out of your zone and into a new dimension. Yes, is the first step on a ladder that reads you out of box you can’t see. You only know the world inside your box so you don’t know you are in it. Let’s climb the yes ladder to a “New me.”

This is my coaching session!

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