What shape is your “Comfy life triangle” ?

Are you all work and no play?

Do you say long time no see every time?

Let’s get you three C’s triangle in shape?

Client: What changes have you found in your business as a result of the various changes in your lifestyle?

Me: First of all, now that I’m a morning person, I can update my two blogs around 8 am, which might make it easier for my readers to have a daily routine. I’ve never been able to do that before.

I’m going to give a seminar in a new style. In the past, I have organized them by myself or collaborated with professionals I know, but this time the client is the interviewer.

And this is the first time in a long time that I’ve announced a seminar to people outside community. And, as part of my 15th-anniversary event, this is the lowest price I’ve ever offered. It’s completely new for me.

Then I realized that times have changed. Streaming from home has become the new norm, so there are no venue fees. If participates can’t attend on the day, I can give them the data on video right away, or they can buy it later. In fact, some clients said to me, 「I’m glad I was able to participate in the recording.”

Until just five years ago, I used to set up a video camera, but if I use Zoom, I can record with one touch.

In other words, I changed my habits to suit my feelings and before I knew it, I had changed my business ideas to something new and relevant to the times.

Client: It started when you were inspired by Go-To Travel, and recently you changed your shower head. It’s amazing how things that seem unrelated to business end up leading to business. After listening to the whole story, it made sense to me.

When I made more comfortable changes in my living environment, it seemed to result in a more comfortable way of doing business and a more comfortable relationship between me and my customers. It’s important to have a balance between work and life. Or rather, maybe they’re the same.

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